Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Answer me this.

Someone I respect sent me this question:

Which person is morally a better person?

Rich goes to church every week. He has a job and pays all his bills on
time. He has no criminal convictions. He has never cheated on his
wife. He doesn't drink alcohol, smoke, swear, take drugs, or go to
strip clubs. He never steals. He avoids a couple that he knows lives
together without being married because it's a bad example to his kids.
He marches in pro-life rallies. He votes Republican because "they let
people who work hard keep their money instead of giving it to slackers."
He's pro capital punishment because "those people forfeited their life
when they murdered someone else." He doesn't do any charity work. He
complains about people who make dumb decisions and then pay for it by
becoming single mothers, get STDs, or become addicted to drugs.

Al has been married and is currently divorced, but he has a girlfriend
that he regularly sleeps with. He attends church on Easter and
Christmas. He drinks moderately. He let his brother live with him for
a year even though it was an inconvenience because his brother lost his
job for stealing. The brother eventually got another job and moved out.
He helps out once a week at a soup kitchen because he feels sympathy for
the poor people there and has made friends with some of them. He had a
Lexus for a while, but felt guilty about it and sold it. Now he drives
a fairly used Camry and sends $100 per month (even though he's saving
$200 per month) to a charity that helps the poor in Africa.

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